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BioHaven Floating Island

BioHaven®’s Concentrated Wetland Effect

BioHaven® floating treatment wetlands (FTW)  are an innovative environmental solution that “biomimics” nature’s wetlands to remove unwanted nutrients and pollutants without added chemicals. Beneath the surface of our islands, there is a frenzy of microbial activity in the biofilm that reduces nitrates, phosphorus, ammonia, total soluble solids and heavy metals.

Our proprietary floating treatment wetland uses plants and a dense, porous matrix to create a “concentrated” wetland effect. This means that a 250 square foot island translates to an acre’s worth of natural wetland surface area. BioHaven® floating islands also have an advantage over constructed wetlands because they can be placed in existing water bodies without needing additional space.

What is a BioHaven® Floating Island?

BioHaven® floating constructed wetlands start with non-toxic recycled bottles to create the matrix platform. This porous platform is injected with marine grade foam for buoyancy. Holes are cut in for plants that grow roots down through the island. Then the floating islands are anchored into place where they can float up and down with fluctuating water levels.
  • The island surface provides riparian edge wildlife habitat for turtles and waterfowl 
  • The plants attract insects and birds
  • The island provides cover and a rich food source for fish to thrive 
  • The island matrix and plants provide the important surface area for microbes to proliferate and pull pollutants out of the water

Applications of BioHaven® Floating Island

BioHaven® floating islands provide a valuable floating island solution for watersheds with many applications such as:
  • Wetland restoration 
  • Wildlife habitat restoration
  • Improve water quality in lakes and rivers 
  • New and retrofit for stormwater ponds. Click here to watch video.
  • Erosion control and wave dampening
  • Fish spawning platforms 
  • Carbon sequestration 
  • Wastewater cleaning 
  • Aesthetic waterscape

BioHaven® Floating Island Explained in Video

BioHaven Floating Island Youtube Video


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